Sunday, September 27, 2009

Another win (the big one!)

Okay so not really the "big one" if you're thinking of the jackpot on the lotto ;o)  But hey maybe if I ever bought a ticket I'd win.  I'm contemplating but if I won I don't know what I'd do!  I like my job but would I keep it if I was a millionaire?  Probably not!  I like my pets but would I pay someone else to care for them if I won? Probably so! lol

Anyway I won an iPod Nano from

They were giving away one free iPod Nano (16 gig) to a random follower (from their twitter page) every day of the week, for one week.  I was the first winner :o)

That's their tweet announcing I was Monday's winner.  I was pretty excited!  I'll be more excited when I receive it.  As I still have yet to receive any of the things I have won thus far.  And starting next month if I still haven't, I'll start to wonder if it was a scam and just what they were scamming lol.


Another "win" at random ;o)

So I have totally been joking lately at how I should start playing the lotto because I won another thing for TrueBlood...

Win Lafayette's Afghan  - Closed

"Thanks to the generosity of TinatheCat and Betty McKnit, we have a double-giveaway for you this week: you could win either the completed replica afghan from TinatheCat or everything you need to make your own (all the yarn, hook, and pattern) from Betty McKnit!"

So I really wanted to win the completed replica, but I won everything I need to make my own.  So now I'm going to learn how to knit!  We'll see how that turns out :o)


Such a busy Saturday

So yesterday I had a busy day.  I woke up around 7am and wandered around the house for a while, not really doing anything.  My sister got ahold of me around 9am to say they were going shopping.  They picked me up around 9.30am and the shopping commenced.  It didn't end until around 3pm to which I met some friends to go "galaxy bowling" until 5pm.  Then we went to a random mexican restaurant to have margaritas.  Only I didn't have a margarita, I had a strawberry daquiri and the waiter pronounced it wrong, which made me giggle.  Then we met up with my sister again to go to the Airborne Toxic Event.  They were playing at Peoples Court, in downtown Des Moines, IA.  It was a great concert, except that when all the teenie boppers were jumping up and down I thought the floor was going to cave in.  :o)  I have pictures and videos but I'll share those some other time.  And probably not on here since I don't know if anyone even reads this.


Friday, September 11, 2009

What would Sookie wear to a Bloody Nuptial? (my attempt)

Challenge Two - What do you wear to a bloody nuptial?

The link above is what I designed for her.  And I think it is very nice.  Sure I could have gone goth but Sookie was not the type to wear black or "dark" type clothes.  Unless it was her work outfit @ work.  Any other time she was wearing pretty things, nice colors, etc.. sundresses, short shorts :o)

Also Polyvore is an awesome site for decorating & compiling outfits.  I had a lot of fun on that site!
I urge you to check it out & it's free to sign up.


My Tru:Blood Cocktail (haiku attempt)

Your drink recipe must be written in Tru:Haiku.  So 5-7-5: the first line is five syllables, the second line is seven syllables, and the last line is five syllables.

Here’s an example:

Tru:Blood Cosmo:
Start with some Tru:Blood, (5 syllables)
Vodka, vermouth, and a twist, (7 syllables)
Shake with ice.  Enjoy. (5 syllables)

 Here's mine below :o)

"Tru Sunrise"

Tequila, Tru:Blood
Over Ice, Add Grenadine
Garnish, Drink, Repeat

I made one that would ACTUALLY taste good & I would drink.
Some of the haiku's I saw shared (and I don't want to bag on anyone here) would taste like utter shit lol.  I mean for someone who used to drink a ton (such as myself lol) people really ought to think about the things they are mixing together sometimes.  And I hope they don't run a bar, otherwise they better have puke bags nearby lol. 


All the PPL on the HBO True Blood homepage... (my attempt)

New people all the time around here. Do you know all the people who live in Bon Temps?

Your challenge is to got to the HBO True Blood home page and find all the people on the home page.
You have to scroll to the beginning.

Write down each person and how many times they appear.


Sookie Stackhouse (6 times)

Bill Compton (5 times)

Jessica Hamby

Eric Northman (3 times)


Lafayette Reynolds (2 times)

Jason Stackhouse (2 times)

Luke McDonald

Tara Thornton (2 times)


Maryann Forrester (4 times)


Sam Merlotte





Yep and that was a tedious challenge indeed lol.  But I enjoyed looking at the main page for TrueBlood, if it weren't for this challenge I never would have (lol).  :o)


Givin Ya Mad Lips (my attempt)

Listed below are three convo-sations from Season 2 True Blood. Yo challenge is ta
fill in da blanks and complete what he said she said.

The first convo must be exactly what Bill and Sookie said on screen word fo’ word.
Convo 2 and 3 is open for interpretation, just like da gossip.

Bill: how do you MEAN?
Sookie: we’ve never had MAKE UP SEX BEFORE
Bill: How does it COMPARE to I THOUGHT I WAS dead SEX
Sookie: THAT was PRETTY great too BUT I WOULDN'T WANT to go THROUGH THAT again

Daphne: FIBBER
Sam: Daphne Daphne well HEY
Daphne: HEY your own self

Stan: and YOU Fellowship has YOUR MAKER and YOUR TELEPATH and still YOU do NOTHIN
Eric: Are you QueSTIONING my LOYALTY Stan
Stan: Just TRYING to return GODRIC to HIS RIGHTFUL position
Eric: oh REALLY because I THINK you have another AGENDA

Now I realize the last 2 you could have changed to say anything but I wasn't feeling very creative at the time so I just went with what was ACTUALLY said lol.  I may work on this later and come up with something better and/or funny just to share.  But for now I've got nothing :o)


Update about the TrueBlood Challenge

Just wanted to leave a little update as I'm so great at updating this site :o)

I won the TrueBlood Challenge!  So thanks to anyone that happened upon my page here & opted to vote for me.  I won by less than 1k votes so I think it was close.  I am going to post a few of the things that I submitted to the challenge here (for you to peek at)  feel free to comment.  :o)

Each different challenge will have it's own "post" ... enjoy ...


Monday, September 7, 2009

Hey all, I am competing in a TrueBlood Challenge & Needing Votes :o)

So if you have a moment could you please vote for me. I am 17th down from the top (fuchsia hat, red bandanna, glitter lips) & you can vote as many times as your little fingers will let you!! Please vote & share this with friends if you think they might like to vote for me as well :o)