Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Why do guys feel they have to lie so much? And then wonder why girls get mad when they do?
Omg work has been so busy. Making this and that. Updating this and that. Scheduling this and that. Gonna enjoy my break!

Monday, May 30, 2011

I also like it how people accuse me of doing nothing but bitch. I'll have you know I worked 8 hours today. Watered my garden. Walked the dog. And peed like 20 times. I did a lot! :)
Its a tough life having a job. Not having kids. Being single. Having all my bills paid (by me). Tough I tell you.
Deleting my Myspace. Good luck stalking me and leaving hateful comments on it now.. hopefully you repent in church next Sunday cuz I don't think this is what God wanted of you...
Nap time!
Oh hellz yea mmmm at this delicious Burger King commercial. Free drink with a whopper? Damn I'm about to go get on that!
Tho the Home Depot commercial did not make me want to do home improvement. Hmmm.
Mmmm iHop commercial made me want eggs and bacon right meow!
I also like how people demand my fb status updates to be "productive" lol how the f- is it possible for fb to be productive?
I'd like to just keep my dog & cat thanks. Besides you honestly don't want me having spawn. I'd teach them to be my little minions and they'd make you cry more than I already have ;)
I'm a toys r us kid. I have fun. I'm single and free to do as I want. I've maintainted the same home for a long time. The same job for 3 times as long. And have a new car. I'm pretty fucking sure I have direction. And it includes not popping kids out of my vag!
I also like that they act like having kids makes u mature & an adult. oh wait ur jobless, on welfare & EBT, child support & ur kids all have different baby daddies. I DON'T take advice from u! Lol
I like how someone who don't know me, what I do, or where I've been.. tells me how I'm living my life & that I have no direction.
Now I'm watching "Underworld" and haven't seen it in a while. Feeling so sleepy :( too hot out for me to Garden :(
I worked my 8 hours today and earned a day off. Screw the rest of you slackers ;) hehe
Happy Memorial Day everyone :)
Ahh time to pass the f- out!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Off to work. Boo hiss. I hope my cherry dr. Pepper is still there and untainted.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Omg he didn't die. Praise jesus lol.
I hope my friend that stood me up at his own house isn't dead. Then I might feel bad lol.
Last from today 5/27
Last from today 5/27
Another of me today 5/27
Another of me today 5/27
Another of me today
Another of me today
Listening to Jessie J - Nobody's Perfect ... and I think people should listen and realize shit happens! :)
So if someone invites you over to watch a movie.. is it then standard for them to not answer your call or text and not answer the door either? Just curious I may be out of the loop.
Me right now :)
Me right now :)
So hard to stay awake :(
Watching the Sanctuary on SyFy on demand. Such a good television series. Love supernatural shows like this :)
When I bitch about people.. remember.. I'm not bitching about you! I'd bitch to your face (not fb or twitter) lol
What a beautiful day off!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The mini roses I planted last year are growing strong!
The mini roses I planted last year are growing strong!
The mini roses I planted last year are growing strong!
The mini roses I planted last year are growing strong!
The start of my beautiful garden :) worked on it today...
The start of my beautiful garden :) worked on it today...
Threw my purse over and it switched to CW and Vampire Diaries was on. Fate? I should play the lotto!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Goodnight pweeps and pweepettes :) thanks to those of you whom helped make my day happier (u know who u are) :)
If I were to go back to college what do you suggest I get my Bachelors degree in? I already have a degree in Criminal Jusice :)
I think I found my new favorite sushi place :)
Shower time <3 gotta wash away the dirt of helping the childrens and such...
Had a great last night at work.. and had a great today at work also :) I'm glad I <3 my jobby

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Going back to bed. I can see today is going to be a lovely day filled with incompetence :)
I like it when a friend of mine would rather choose the people who don't accept her over the people who do. People are so fake.
Also did a little "spring cleaning" of my fb. I would rather have no friends than friends who don't accept me for who I am.
Don't text me important things and get upset because I don't get it until I wake up! If its important you should call.
Goodnight people :) to those of you who are my friends and family.. I appreciate your support and putting up with all of me :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Facebook & Twitter - my form of therapy :)
Anyway. I still like Iowa better. Although Texas is my 2nd fav place due to food & places to shop :)
Guess I made quite the impression on the Texans. The friend of my friend made sure to delete me today :) But I suppose he hadda do what his wife told him to do. One day I will get married so I can boss around my hubby and he can pretend he likes it :) yayyy
We're all ppl. We all die & then we're dead. It's the same for everyone, regardless of god or children, vehicles, homes, money...
Anyone else wanna act like they're grown cuz they have kids? Or they're better cuz they go to church? Or I don't have a right to voice MY opinion on MY fb or twitter?
Don't tell me to grow the fuck up. Popping babies out does not a grown up make! I'm plenty grown and have been longer than some.
If you don't like what I fucking have to say don't be on my facebook or twitter! And don't act like you're high and mighty and positive all the time.
Glad to be home :)
End rant :D Conclusion. One less piece of shit liar taking up my time. A weight has been lifted :) and it was quite a tiny one...
I mean yea I'm not tame or dumb & I have no aspirations to pop out babies. But don't lie to me about the fact that u can't handle this. I know it takes a special man to deal w/me. And not the special ed kind either. Too bad IA, MN & surroundings are full of fake ass punk bitch boys.
I think guys like to use me as some dating stepping stone. Then move on to some dumb boring tame chunky baby maker to marry. I'm getting offended here.
Dear doube bag guys. Don't act like ur single when ur not & think I'm dumb like the other women ur used too. I'm smarter than that
What is everyone doing on this glorious Monday? I'm off and going thru Missouri right now. Rain rain go away! Stay in Texas!
Mmmm breakfast :)
Mmmm breakfast :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The ice skating rink inside the mall we went to on Saturday :)
The ice skating rink inside the mall we went to on Saturday :)
Pajama time!
Pajama time!
It was very windy earlier. It blew my hair back lol.
It was very windy earlier. It blew my hair back lol.
My dinner from Saturday night. It was also delicious and this pic is kind of poor quality :( 3 chicken fajita tacos. And a salsa bar mmm
My dinner from Saturday night. It was also delicious and this pic is kind of poor quality :( 3 chicken fajita tacos. And a salsa bar mmm
My dinner Friday night. It was frigging delicious! And the 2 margaritas weren't bad either :)
My dinner Friday night. It was frigging delicious! And the 2 margaritas weren't bad either :)
Goodnight peepz. Will be heading back to Iowa tomorrow. Leaving at 7am :) You'll be seeing my check ins along the way haha.
At Lipstick Lounge in Dallas, TX.
At Lipstick Lounge in Dallas, TX.
Saw the most amazing drag show ever at Station 4. And then checked out Sue Ellen's. I have some pics I'll share later :) Recommend both places. Good music, shows, people. Weak drinks tho lol.
And one from inside a very nice bathroom at Ed & Nikki's :) my toes match the bath mats lol
And one from inside a very nice bathroom at Ed & Nikki's :) my toes match the bath mats lol
You know you've missed my bathroom floor pics...  here's one from love & war in texas (restaurant)
You know you've missed my bathroom floor pics... here's one from love & war in texas (restaurant)
Yay for old people who can't hang

Saturday, May 21, 2011

3 asian ladies at the mall adorned me with hair extensions. They looked fabulous and now I want some!
Dear Texas. Where are all the hotties hiding? I no see any :(
Game of Thrones - Season 3 so far no blood or nudity and its 8 min 47 sec in for shame
Being forced to watch a claymation spoof of star wars and star trek. And it sucks. A little piece of me died.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tom tom fail
Some road signs from earlier.. nice I know :)
Some road signs from earlier.. nice I know :)
Me in the car on the way to Texas...
Me in the car on the way to Texas...
Forced to listen a shitty skanky Katy Perry (talentless leech) song. Now I have kherpes and need antibiotics. Does Texas have drs?
Lots of cows and trees on the way to our destination.. not much else..
Phone service 1$ a month!? Sweet. I bet its way more reliable than Verizon. Imma switch to that :)
The cows are getting bigger the closer we get to Texas.. (don't tell her I said that)
While driving thru Oklahoma I got an idea. Let's put our trailer right next to our home. Yes? Good idea!
She was dancing sexy pop pop pop it drop it low. Honey got a booty like pow pow pow hone got some boobies like wow oh wow. Haha does anyone actually listen to the words of these songs? I doubt it!
I wanna celebrate and live my life saying ayyoo baby let's go! We gonna light it up like its dynomite :) yeaaaa road trips are boring :(
Oops semi didn't see that rail and went through to the other side ;) poor guy ;)
Finally ventured far enough through Missouri to find real music :) some 105.5 right now
Bye Bye - Jo Dee Messina .. a country song I like and suits me for the assholes that have flown through my life :)
Welcome to Missouri. Where its okay to have swaztikas, kkk, and white power graffiti in the restrooms. I'm glad I'm white or I could have been killed by now I think...
Missouri.. where all the stations are chrisian and/or country. Praise the lord for ipods!
Steers & Queers!
Yess! Pearl Jam - Jeremy! One of my fav songs. Gracias too Lithium on XM
Goodnight sweetheart well its time to go.. I really hate to leave you but I really must say, goodnight sweetheart goodnight.. and such :)
Contemplating staying home. Don't want my last days here (if it is the end of the world) to be in Texas lol. And don't want crazy Christian activists to try to persecute me there or something.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Everything to Everyone by Everclear.. my theme song of the past few.. idk days? Weeks? Months?
Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams... mmm hmmm I wasn't alive then but damn if I was this would be my song :)
Peace Train by Cat Stevens... yup
Going to buy a lotto ticket. I suggest you all do the same (so when I win I win more) thanks ;)
Went to "Whispers & Screams" w/some awesome speakers & workshops. Ones on feminism & beaut-i-ful me were great. I learned a lot & want to go back again :)
How much chocolate do I have to eat before I'm not tired anymore?
So my tv is on its last leg. And I am looking for a tv to replace it with. I don't care if its flat screen but it needs to be at least 30" and that's all I care about. Don't care about HD. Oh and I need to be able to lift it! Lol
A girl I knew (who lives in Texas) gave me a bumper sticker saying "Everything's bigger in Texas" so I hope that means all the chicks are fat so I look even smaller :D justsaying
Got most of my clothes picked out for Texas.. I hope its nice :) got a swimsuit too just in case.. I wanna go shopping for more!
Got most of my clothes picked out for Texas.. I hope its nice :) got a swimsuit too just in case.. I wanna go shopping for more!
Idk how it is I can go to bed at like 8pm and wake up now and still be tired lol

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yep. I sleep now :)
So I kind of think it's sleepy time. I'm tired and I have a training tomorrow all day.. so yep..
Mmm fajita chicken, snap peas, potatoes, red peppers.. seasoned well. Delicious dinner cooked by muah :)
Since I'm going to Texas this weekend (Dallas area) I'm glad all my exes aren't in Texas :) hehe
Yay sleep
Yay House.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I kind of get annoyed with ppl wanting to add ppl to their fb but never talking to them. Am I just padding to ur numbers? Lol

Monday, May 16, 2011

Soiled like these cheap swim trunks and the several places I sat down when I first came home...
Soiled like these cheap swim trunks and the several places I sat down when I first came home...
Mmmm chocolate covered peanuts, caramel, and butterfingers. Getting my chocolate fix ;)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodnight. Another long day. Gotta work in the AM. Sweet dreams internetz :)
Started my seedlings in their mini green house. Tended to the others. Had a decent day. Off to shower and contemplate life now.
I have the most well behaved puppy. I left my plate of steak and potatoes on the bed when I went to the kitchen. She didn't eat it so I gave her a bite :) she's come a long way :)
I sleep now
Me and Tela <3
Me and Tela <3
Me and Jason (he looks so much better than me here. Effing asshole lol)
Me and Jason (he looks so much better than me here. Effing asshole lol)
Me and a random gay guy
Me and a random gay guy
Me and a random gay guy lol.
Me and a random gay guy lol.
Me and a random gay guy lol.
Me and a random gay guy lol.
Texas soon!
Ooh I got a coupin for a free pair of.. unmentionables.. from a good lady unmentionables store ;) yay going to get em soonly!
He just finished making peanut butter ninja style. Fo sho!
Also saw my favorite DJ ex roomie Toddly ;) such a shallow boy ;) but I love him ;)
Saw my favorite door man bouncer extraordinaire (entrance technician) Jason. Such a sweetheart.
Had fun with Ashley, Marsha, and Steph. Thennnn met another Ashley. And some cutie boyss :)
Hehhhhhhhhe headed to the hizzouseeeee :) finally ;)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Funny Bone has a lot to be desired for their wait staff. Seriously. No wonder you force us to pay the tip. You suck.
I'm also glad I'm forced to pay gratuity for a shitty waitress that forgot drinks once and then didn't hear my last request. Yay!
I'm glad the guy next to us repeats everything the comedian says. In case I missed it the first time!
Don't waste your time on me you're already the voice inside my head...
And as I stared I counted the west romona spiders catching things and eating their insides...
Going to be in Dallas TX next weekend :) Fri - Mon... wooty woo :)
Flipping you the finger. Not at a 30 degree angle.
Flipping you the finger. Not at a 30 degree angle.
Steph caught me picking my nose.. as usual..
Steph caught me picking my nose.. as usual..
And another of muahhh
And another of muahhh
Another meeeeeeeee
Another meeeeeeeee
And another of me
And another of me
Whoever this band is and whatever they're singing I likes it!
At House of Bricks. I demand you come!
Dammit. I think my tv is finally breaking :( I hope it doesn't before I have the $$ to replace it. Anyone got one they're selling or giving away?
Evidently I am "the only person in Des Moines" as just told by a snooty woman who heads a cosmetics demo thing (brand, store, etc omitted for a reason). GOOD TO KNOW!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Dear roomie. Stfu I'm tired of listening to u talk on the phone & talk to ur childrens. Leave to do that so I can sleep & turn on the ac thx.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

In 20 minutes I will be one more tooth lighter. And hopefully a hell of a lot happier :)
I'm not going to fake being happy & positive all the time so more people like me. If you don't like me for me I don't want you to anyways. Life isn't always peaches & cream.
I feel like going through my fb friends & liking their posts & leaving inappropriate wall posts so they get in trouble w/their partners *evil laugh* just kidding haha
People are confusing creatures. But for some reason I just can't get enough of some of em ;)
Yay House! He's a dirty old man I don't mind dreaming about :)
Going back at 5pm to get another tooth pulled. Hopefully this one solves my problems.
Yay for rain :)
Going to dentist at 10 :(

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

what an odd dream! RuPaul was in it!
But first.. I'm going to creepily like everything you've posted and poke all your friends.. yea just u try & stop me..
Family Guy repeats. Now I'm gonna go to sleepy land :) nite pweeps...
Huh that's odd. I thought that would be big news... oh have you not heard?
I still can't believe its not butter!
Yay. Drinking makes my teeth not hurt :) k I done drinking now. Good company leads to more drinks tho hmm tsk tsk

Monday, May 9, 2011

I may run out of orajel.
I don't need Brian to watch tv with I got you Meg ;)
Dear teeth.. stop throbbing.. dear friends.. bring medications :)
Just wish my friggin teeth would stop hurting. I swear :( I'm gonna have to try and stop drinking pop again boo
It's super friggin humid out today. Went on a walk at work and sweat :( then lay out in the sun for a bit it was nice

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Its sad that I have to aim my phone towards the window to get the internet to work well lol
One of my friends loves me.. click here to find out who.. hmph! Better be more than one of ya'll who loves me cuz I'm awesome!
Dear sleep. Please hurry up.
Goodnight peeples. I gotta get up early for the work. And am excited for tomorrow as plans after work await :)
Well this thing is worthless. Like my palastinian alarm clock.
They are signing frantically just as fast as their little fingers can...
Some of the milk in the fridge isn't milk. It's horse sperm!
I'm kind of looking forward to work tomorrow. Is that ok for me to say that?
So my tooth is hurting :( I thought having 2 wisdom teeth pulled and one cavity the problem would be solved :(
If you couldn't date someone based on their love or hate of a condiment... you've got issues & you're sad.. miraclewhip
Priest 3D looks so friggin awesome! I can't wait to see it :)
Yay new Family Guy :)
The most shocking ending of the year for Glee would be if it were cancelled so it could be replaced with something of value :) lol
Damn kit kat commercial. I want a kit kat.
Dear Simon Cowell. I will not be watching the X Factor. Sorry but no. You wore out your welcome years ago.
I'm not a big fan of cuddling but I could use a cuddle buddy right about now...
So I took some personality tests and worked on my "life journal" lol but I don't have aspirations so I set it aside lol
Who wants to see the new horror movie this Friday the 13th. I think its called "Priest" :)
If I wrote a book about my life since I've been in DSM. It would be like Chelsea Handler's books all combined. Is that bad? Lol
And yea I am pretty happy already. But sometimes I want someone else to share it with :) I don't think that's too much to ask :)
I'm tired of getting my hopes up for something that's not going to happen. I know I will make someone very happy someday. That's not the issue. The issue is that I want to be happy!
Guys can just move on with out a care in the world. Not caring who they hurt along the way. I wish it were that easy for me!
And furthermore stop stringing along ur exes just cuz ur not happy & don't want them to find happiness w/out u. Grow the hell up!
Exes are exes for a reason. It didn't work the first time. Its not going to work a second or third! People don't change.
Happy Mothers Day to all the mothers out there :) and to those who aren't mothers (like me) a happy day to us too :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gotta love Walmart when everyone in the fucking world is here and the slowest checkers are on duty :)
Store anything flat just like that! Oh really? So you're saying all my items will be flat and completely safe? infomercials
Dear phone. Thanks for shutting off 4 times so far today. Also thanks for not wanting to let me use the internet or send pics. Appreciate it.
This phone pisses me off. It forced me to update the OS and now its slow and doesn't like anything involving data :(
Methinks its time for a nap :)
Super flirty today :)
So what's everyone up to on this glorious Saturday?
Goodness me. I had such a good time last night. Watching the show @ Le Boi and then dancing it up @ The Garden. Funnnnnnn times :)
I will not forget..
:D to this evening
Its a long way to the top if you wanna rock n roll

Friday, May 6, 2011

Yay for a free pitcher of beer for this sexy lady :)
I wanna go to the aquatic centers! When do they start opening? :)
I think I'm tired of hanging out at gay bars...
Yep. Up to no good...
Yep. Up to no good...
Just about to give the finger.. I don't like this pic :(
Just about to give the finger.. I don't like this pic :(
I don't like to smile :(
I don't like to smile :(
My puppy doesn't get to go with me :)
My puppy doesn't get to go with me :)
Heading out...
Heading out...
Awww sad puppies
Awww sad puppies
Time to curl my hair! Woot. Its going to be flipping gorgeous. And I will take plenty of pictures :D
And I genuinely feel sad for the type that they do like. Because that person is a sorry dumb shallow individual. Someone totally dissimilar to anyone I have the ability of ever being.
I am too smart to compromise my integrity to boost some poor saps ego. When I don't know something I genuinely don't know it. When I compliment someone it is genuine. If someone can't accept that they really don't deserve me.
I think I know why a lot of people don't like me for the long term. Its cause I'm not some dumb run of the mill woman. So sorry.
Getting all dolled up to go out on the town with my bff. And hopefully I will break some hearts along the way ;)
Old dogs don't learn new tricks. They use their same old tricks on every skank out there :) and even great gals like me fall for their tricks once in a while
Just when I think things are looking dim.. a light turns on :) and shines light on my situation.. cheering me up some more..
What a GREAT night I had. Talking to all the bestest people. I'm so grateful to the ppl who actually care about me :)
G. I. Jose ;)
Here some claim 2 B friends but they're just acquantances & some friends R really enemies I call them frenemies (story of my life)
Please.. gimme some rice.. I'll make you feel good ;) americandad
I don't like the youneedcollege dot com commercial. They need singing lessons. And reading lessons. And maybe graphic design lessons. Whatever colleges they sponsor must suck :(
Boo! I hate it when I have to pee after I've showered. It just makes me feel dirty all over again :(

Thursday, May 5, 2011

This commercial with the nerd famous guy w/huge nose singing pimping stella artois beer makes me LOL everytime. He's so lame!
Well at least I didn't get fired from my job and my wife hasn't left me.
Hmm my week is starting to perk up :)
Pistachio commercial with vampires? Hello! Vampires don't eat.. they drink blood..
Dear moscato. You go well with my chocolate fudge brownie icecream. Keep up the good work. Signed. A happy consumer.
We don't just blow bubbles. We blow bubbles with kittens inside them :)
Oh and if any women take offense to my cocky arrogant self talk. Don't take it personal. I deserve to say lots of good positive things about myself once in a while. And so do you :)
Ohhhhhh I wish they prescribed me a legal pill that made me happy and whistle cheesy tunes and skip to my looooooooou ;)
I mean. I'm single with no kids. I have a good job with benefits. I have a degree. I don't even look close to my age :) I'm smart and witty and I make people joke. I'm not like "most women" out there. Cuz I'm better than them :)
After working in my garden I feel a lot better :) it helped make me think about what an awesome person w/awesome qualities I am.
You know. I don't know why I complain. Its not like I couldn't get a date lined up for any & every day I wanted. Lol
What happened to karma when someone deserves some bad karma? I mean karma doesn't take vacations right?
Ahh. It feels good to be bitchy to shitty assholes sometimes. Made me smile just a little :)
Is facebook down right now or something?
I appreciate that my week has be ruined by the simple selfishness of other people

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Just took my dog on a 4 block walk. It's so nice out :) I'm so tired I think I'll nap now.
I get involved with lady. You lend me money. You drive grandma to doctor appointment. I stick finger in bum. Housekeeping! Lol
Last of me and my sleepy girl Nibbler. Womans best friend :)
Last of me and my sleepy girl Nibbler. Womans best friend :)
Me and my sleepy puppy Nibbler. Best girl ever :)
Me and my sleepy puppy Nibbler. Best girl ever :)
I want to punch something. And kick something. And scream at something. And break stuff. And light things on fire. And um throw dog poop or something. Yeah. That's how mad I am.
Alright. Now its time for me to sleep. Next to my fav lady Nibbler. Always there for me :) Never too busy :) lol yay for dogs haha
Oh yea. One small highlight. I received my American Dad season 6 DVD I won today :) gotta take some pics with it tomorrow :)
Goodnight. Hopefully tomorrow is a better day.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Who wants to help me celebrate my woes on Friday? :D
Oh and my phone is effed up again. So I'm working on getting another one. Any recommendations (not brand new but like new)?
I guess this is what I get for being happy & content with things as they were. Now I get nothing. Yay me :)
Anyone else care to jump on the "make Miranda cry" train? I don't think enough people have hurt me recently. I think more should...
I feel like the new isn't working.. and I feel like people don't value me as much as I value them.. I feel like I don't want to feel this either..
So young. So angry! Grrrrr lol
So sleepy...

Sunday, May 1, 2011

All this talk of sushi has made me wanna go to my fav buffet. Who wants to go w/me Wednesday? No I'm not buying but its only 10$
Never heard of "the Pretty Reckless" but she's cute and giggly and writes her own songs and modeled for Madonna's daughter Laurdes clothing line. I likes it!
Taylor Momsen wrote all the songs on the new CD. And she's only 17 :) Eat that Britney Spears & Katy Perry lol
Thanks LG Ally for shutting off 4 times in the past hour. When will Verizon send me a phone that works?
I like it when people tell me to stop with my comments. Hehe. Anyone who knows me knows that won't get me to stop :) I say what I want and feel and its not always right bit I still says it just the same lol
42 minutes late. I just wanna know how late I can be to work so I can say "well the president is this late" & it'll still be okay
Emails and tweets of people cheering and applauding because osama is dead. Too bad this doesn't solve all the worlds problems.
I don't recall Osama flying any of those planes. Hey at least those guys died back when too. And no virgins were waiting for them.
You tell me not to be racist. I tell you to be on time if you're black and suck at math if you're asian. :)
Don't get me wrong.. I voted for him.. but I thought he would prove racial stereotypes wrong :(
The sentence bin laden is dead doesn't have as much magnatude as saying gas is less than 3$ a gallon!
Omg this Sunday nite the president is going to interrupt the people by first making them wait 20 minutes and then even later!
"They needed to do a dna sample?" Who taught these idiots on cnn proper terminology or grammar usage. They should be fired.
The united states has confirmed the death of osama bin laden. Who is the united states anyways?
I never thought osama was involved in all this crap anyway. Does this mean gas prices are gonna decrease? If not then I don't care.
He's gonna be 30 mins late to tell us crap these cnn guys already told us? obama
Just like a black president to be late for his own announcement obama
I'm thinking about disowning my friends who continuously talk about how apple products are the best evarrr. It's annoying.
Bought a box of ho ho's to keep me company while I watch "Being Human". Ho ho's are better than real hoes anyday, these ho's don't talk back.
Dear god. Please give me the strength to get out of bed and return my redbox DVDs. Amen.
Eating dinner would be much better if I had good company
Weeded in my garden today. Looks like my rose bushes are growing back and another thing I planted (can't remember what) lol.
Ps. Haters gonna hate. Taters gonna tate. And maters gonna mate. It is what it is <3 life it's too short for anything less
Sleepy time. Will enjoy my lazy day off tomorrow :)
Watching "my soul to take" and being pretty fed up with some supposed "friends" in my life lying to me or ignoring me *sigh*