Saturday, April 30, 2011

They'll tell you things about this person that this person doesn't want you to know either. People are such liars and fakes.
When someone doesn't want you to talk to someone from their past.. its usually because they'll tell you things you didn't know..
Goodnight my friends and those who I'm not happy with as well. For those I'm unhappy with, may you sleep restlessly and dream poorly :)
You say you went somewhere with someone and they post on your fb that you didn't. But I should believe you?
Rich people should pay more in taxes!

Friday, April 29, 2011

I will replace you. With someone better and more genuine than you. And you can go on being a pathetic user.
I'm so fucking pissed. Girls accept responsibility for the shit you do and stop blaming everyone else. We're not retards. We know you did it! Fucking geez.
You're pathetic! Think I believe your lies and bullshit. Think again.
Dislikes people fucking with my emotions...
School girl
Basset hound
Pickled beets
It's random word time! Reply with a random word :)
Why do people who complain about liars the most turn out to be the biggest liars of all? Seriously.. its damn annoying..
Hey everyone. If I'm supposed to have ur number & u haven't heard from me in a while please text me your number or msg it to me
I'm bored. What should I do tonight? I'm off til 3pm tomorrow.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My old motorola devour never bitched about space due to apps or texts. This new lg ally has already bitched about both things :( lame!
I don't appreciate the fact that Verizon sent me a 50$ (if new) replacement phone when my phone (250$ at new price) broke & think it's "fair"
Catching up on "Being Human" episodes on SyFy. Love this series. But it's depressing sometimes...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Alright. Its been fun. Time to pass out to family guy. (Peter is fighting the cock right now) hehe
Eat the banana or we have to put you down! southpark
stop. Drop. Shut em down open up shop. Oh. No. That's a rough riders roll. dmx yep lol
I haven't watched Chapelle show in so long. I forgot how funny he is. And DMX is rapping as the finale. Nice :)
Last time I was at the doctor I weighed 138 and now I'm at 132. I think I need to eat more lol.
Yay they got me in at 2:30pm so heading there now...
So being impulsive and inattentive means you have adhd? What if your parents & teachers are just boring & shitty? Yea take responsibility for your own suckiness (watching an adhd commercial if you can't guess)
Dear parents & teachers. Not all kids have ADHD. But prescribe em meds w/lots of side effects. That will surely make em better!
Tired of this weather making me sick all the time :(

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sweet I won an American Dad DVD :)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter everyone :) I'm just home with the puppy & kitty.. hoping to not get called in again :)
So is everyone that works for Colonial Penn black except Alex Trabeck? Or is that just the commercial?
is not a patient person. But I try to be.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Laid around all day.. now I'm bored :(
Just watched 3 fat ladies on trtv beat the crap out of this guy for trash talking their weight :) I love this show hehe
It's pretty sad when I'm more mature than someone 5 years older than me. I mean I'm not even very mature lol
Why is it when you tell someone to lose your number they just opt to excessively use it? Common sense people!
Also. Dear women who want to hang out but are crazy bitchy about it. That attitude is obviously not working. Maybe if you were nicer someone would want to hang out with you!
So trying new foods isn't always good. But the calamari & salad at Olive Garden were decent. And the company was tolerable ;)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Guess what Royal Wedding. I don't care about you. We're not in England. Kthx
Dislike it when ppl say they want to hang out then ignore you after saying it. Like really? Boo to them.
Rented this series called "Sanctuary" and its pretty effing sweet.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Got my ears pierced a third time :)
Got my ears pierced a third time :)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Soooo sleepy. Broke the computer at work today. My day is complete. Goodnight internetz.
Got half my replacement phone in the mail today. Now just gotta wait for the battery :)
Yep. So sleepy. Passed put for a few, woke up showered, and now actually going to bed :) Even though shit happened today I felt happy all day & am again looking forward to tomorrow.

Monday, April 18, 2011

PS - anyone know of something that removes glue but not paint? Like a silicone based glue?
So while I was filing a police report on my glued door handle.. someone got stabbed somewhere :( woe is Des Moines..
It sucks people gotta mess with people. I work hard for what I have. Too bad whoever is messing with me probably doesn't & is jealous.
Got my locking gas cap :) and put it on and it works nice.
I'm thinking I must be pretty great to have so many haters. Boosting my ego more :)
Dear person who tried to glue my door handle shut. You failed.
You know its early when my dog doesn't even get out of bed :/
Sleepy time. Been a long day of working. Work went well tho. Looking forward to tomorrow :)

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Dear Verizon. How many phones do I have to go through before you send me a NEW one? I have paid 6$ in insurance for over 2 years now. You owe me.
Thanks to the ONE mediacom tech who decided to do his job today during my sleep time. In opposition to the MANY who didn't during the times I would have been awake or not home :(
Now my damn jaw hurts too and I've been awake long enough to realize I'm hungry. Ugh :(
Oh wow it was the splitter the whole time. Well if the lazy ass would of fixed it last month (when I wasn't here at the time) it would be fine now! Fucking Mediacom.
Air traffic controllers falling asleep on their shifts? So new restrictions on their schedules.. haha yea that'll help.. not..
So when there was a problem Mediacom doesn't come out to fix it but when they're not actually a problem they come out on Sunday :(
Sleepy time

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Yay. Family Guy season 5 & 6 will be arriving soon. I hope these DVDs work...
And I took a pic of my feet. Yay feet! Baby puke green toenail polish anyone?
And I took a pic of my feet. Yay feet! Baby puke green toenail polish anyone?
Just took a pic of my tattoo. Not faded and its over a year old...
Just took a pic of my tattoo. Not faded and its over a year old...
Guess who doesn't want to see Scream 4? Yep me. Okay back to bed.

Friday, April 15, 2011

I bite my lip and now its all fat & puffy like if I injected that stuff in it lol
With my naked eye I saw the falling rain coming down on me... oh haven't heard that song in a while... now back to napping :)
It hurts to yawn :(
Dear gaping holes in my mouth from my wisdom teeth.. stop hurting! Thank you.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ok so I am a weenie and my jaw hurts. I can barely open it. So back to the dentist I go.. when they open..

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Goodnight. Gotta be up at 6:30am to work. Should be busy tho so should go fast.
Homosexuality is just as dangerous as second hand smoke? Lmfao! comedycentral
My dog burps a lot. Is that normal? Its kind of gross :(
21 Questions. One of my favorite songs by @50cent
Well. Now I can feel my face again and it hurts. If it gets any worse I'm gonna have to whine to the dentist.
Damn my gag reflex. I can't keep this guaze in my mouth any longer.
I still can't feel my face but I can taste the blood from where my wisdom teeth used to be. And its gross :(
Got my wisdom teeth pulled & a nice script for vicodin. Waiting at the pharmacy now. All good things shall come to those who wait.
When I clearly have the shittiest dental insurance ever. It covers crappy fillings and simple extractions. And 2 cleanings a year.
So dental people are dumb. I get told I can have 2 teeth extracted free & now I get told it will cost because I have no insurance
Boys are stupid :P
Fake fake fake!
Off to the dentist I go. To get these 2 pesky wisdom teeth pulled. I don't like the dentist :(
Ugh. Why are people so fake? They meet you and put on one persona then a month or so later the real them sneaks out. Be YOU!
People are fucking dumb and I'm tired of people's lame ass priorities and bullshit reasons.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

People who text during movies at the theatre should be shot. Not during commercials, previews, or credits... but during the movie!
Nirvana <3

Monday, April 11, 2011

Best cure for a toothache? Vodka :D lol
Showers are nice. Had a good day. Saw good people. Now watching good cartoons and going to bed :)
<3 new people
Nothing like 4 false fire alarms :)
Yay I rescheduled my dentist from next Friday to this Wednesday :) I can't wait to get this sucker pulled!
Won 6 tickets to see Ron Morey at the Funny Bone 7:30 showing (pick up tix by 6:45) I prolly can't go due to dentist but if you're interested.
What a crazy psycho woman from the @elvisduran phone tap. The soon to be hubby should call that wedding off!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

So I think I have restless leg syndrome. I can't stop shaking my leg lol.
When people tell me their friends or family are really hott.. I expect them to be really hott! And not ugly. Stop lying :(
So many ppl with issues. Wondering why they have issues when they do it to themselves. Smh
This tooth is killing me :(
Sleepy time! This weekend went far too fast...
Where's Family Guy?
So like.. there was this one time.. at band camp..
Amazinggggg nite! I <3 it muches

Saturday, April 9, 2011

So this woman got called a tranny at the bar. Haha made my night cuz she has perma stink eye ;) hehehehehe
If a cop eats bacon does that make him a cannibal?
You know what I miss? Meerkat Manor...
I swear lord jesus I will NOT reschedule my dental appointment! I do not ever want to feel that pain again. 2 excedrin migraine and 2 ibuprofen and orajel and I can still almost feel it :(
Was just eating and managed to irritated my wisdom tooth with the cavity. Hurt so bad it made me have a hot flash and tear up!
Watching the old "Hairspray" and it makes me want to see the remake. But I'll have to wait..
I am kind of wanting to color my hair. Now that its almost 100% back to its natural color lol. Any suggestions for color?
So I was looking at my legs and thought.. I have pretty nice legs but I need blue nail polish cuz I want to show my toes :)
This ATT commercial cracks me up. I hate ATT but the commercial.. I likes (with the guys friend trying to date his ex hehe)
I need to go spring & summer dress shopping. All these dress commercials have me wanting them! Pay day hurry up.
Going to lunch is great until lunch ends up not being until 4pm and your stomach is eating itself :(
I find things I say & do at work creeping in to my social life. And I dislikes it! Lol

Friday, April 8, 2011

They really want me to watch "Scream 4" well I will wait til its 1$ and then I'll think about it! Unless someone takes me lol
Its 11pm on a Friday. And I'm alone in my PJs in my bed. And I couldn't be happier :)
"Hot creeper" now there's 2 words you don't hear together... lol...
I'm tired of watching "House" I want to watch "NCIS" instead. Yay its on :)
Sorry Campbell's. Soup doesn't get me to my happy place.
"All Good Things" was a weird movie. I'm not sure what it's point was or how I feel about it but.. at least I didn't pay for it.
Way to make your mom cry, bitch. Way to make her cry...

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Daniel Tosh - Happy Thoughts = so funny!
Don't miss 'The Vampire Diaries' on KCWI, 7:00 PM (Sent from TV Listings for Android)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tag body spray for sick cats hehe familyguy
IT people are idiots sometimes...
Stomach hurts. Still didn't get back to sleep. Not working now. Going to try to sleep again.
Yay nothing like being woke up 2 hours before I have to be.. attempting to go back to sleep now..
Ohhh they didn't mention twitter :) work

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

When ppl attribute being "bitchy" to not getting laid.. ppl have issues..
Ever feel like people try to set you up for failure while pretending to do you a favor?
Bleh. Why am I awake? I don't have to be awake for 6 1/2 more hours :(

Monday, April 4, 2011

Dear verizon. I don't want every damn text message 3 times! Stop it already damn. Okay bedtime. Nite all :)
If u tell someone the next time u see em u'll give em $1 does that mean every time u see em (forever & ever) u gotta give em a $1?
Clingy :(
Ew thinking about those pervs who place cameras in toilets all of a sudden. Who wants to see that? :(
Made a wrong turn once or twice. Bad decisions. That's alright. Welcome to my silly life. Mistreated. Misunderstood. Mistaken. Etc
Lebanese is like my favorite word. Like. Ever.
Just saw a cop turn their lites & siren on to get thru the red lite at the 22nd exit to e235 then turned their lights & siren off
"I'm on the right track baby I was born this way!" And I'm not changing for anyone else but me. And me likes me right now!
When an ex calls their exes (all of em) the same thing u just wanna say IT'S YOU not them. Seriously.
3 hours of family guy :)
I think some people have recently turned bi-polar.
Fergie supports cherry Dr. Pepper & so do I :D
I'm not one of those people who can fill their lives with everyone & everything. I'd rather have a few special people than 5,000.
Yay getting my physical/tb renewed for work. That means I've worked here long time :D

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dear impatient drivers. Don't fucking honk at me right when the light turns green. Idiot.
Sometimes I like people and sometimes I don't.
Ok I sleep now
Even though I'm bored and lonely. I feel good about not being out with the rest of the drunks :)
Yea I'm productive. Just at different things. Lately I'm productive with things such as wine drinking & tweeting. Hey, its a start :)
Have u ever met a person that tells everyone whatever they want to hear? Well I have & they don't like me cuz they don't know what I want to hear so they're often wrong :P
Shower time!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Dear phone. When I boo hoo about not getting texts it doesn't mean I suddenly want triplicates...
Hiccups are annoying
I wish I had a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever so I weren't so brokeeeee! :D

Friday, April 1, 2011

Why does the prettiest girl in the place get ignored the most :(
Mean muggin!
Mean muggin!
Might help to attach the pic
Might help to attach the pic
Drinking moscato in my fav glass :) lafiera puglia wine trueblood
Me today. I did my hair but no make up yet.
Me today. I did my hair but no make up yet.
Burlesque - seemed good from what I saw. Good music. Cher looked amazing and so did Christina. Will watch again in a few.
Black Swan - another weird movie. Confusing. Dirty at times. Romance. Drugs. Bi-polar? Crazy ballerinas? Natalie & Mila. I recommend.
Skyline - what a weird effing movie. Good graphics and digital work. Not sure about the quality acting but I liked the actors :)