Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dislikes it when I'm upset & ppl turn it around to be about them instead. Its about ME! Lol
Well took my shower and curled up with my Nibbler... in for the night so unless you want to come visit me.. I'm not going anywhere
I think my sister is a jinx. Everytime I tell her about a guy I like shit gets effed up :(
Guys kind of suck. And I'm tired of it.
Ugh :(
Yay for pay day and a three day weekend and counting down the days til the end of July. Yay!
They say she is a pisces I hear they're very fiesty ;)
What do u do when there's just one person you WANT to hang out with.. but u still gotta maintain those other friendships lol..
Contemplating ;)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dude is really writing a check for $3.30 lol
Goodnight. See you in the morning!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Glad this crazy annoying ass work day is over! I never want to have kids everrrrrrrrrr
:) a good finish to a good day so goodnight peoples...
<3 American Dad

Monday, June 27, 2011

I'm already sleepy :(
Yay saw the premier of trueblood season four on hbo finally yippity. It was good!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

So bored at work :(
Do you wanna kick it in tha backseat?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Have I mentioned I dislike when people tell me what I'm wanting or feeling or thinking lately? Yes? Why do people keep doing it.
Chinese Horoscope - Dog (Xu) Saturday, June 25, 2011

You may be thinking about moving lately. All the details overwhelm you. When moving, or renovating your place, you should be extremely careful. Otherwise, unnecessary trouble will be resulted.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Me again
Me again
Me now...
Me now...
So actually had a decent date Thursday night for a change.
Got a new phone and switched to sprint so much better so far.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Phone is off for anyone wondering. Attempting to switch to Sprint. Tired of verizons shit.
And doesn't want to receive them?
Is there a reason my effing phone won't send texts all of a sudden?
Oh and score one for making someone cry without even being mean lol

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Love this quote and thought it fitting it was on my birthday lol
Love this quote and thought it fitting it was on my birthday lol
Ugh too early to be up. And my phone opted to not charge all night :(
Changed the sheets now back to bed. I effing hate cats! So annoying with their constant licking of selves and puking :(
Almost asleep then the stupid cat barfed on my foot. Who wants a cat? She's over 10 yrs old so she'll die soon.
Ok goodnight for realz now :)
Tired of people making me cry.
Shower time... then gonna try and relax and get ready for bed. Work in the morning :)

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

FML so tired of dealing with this
Love being ignored :D
Bleh! Seriously :( I just want to poke some people in the eye... although karma is a bitch so...
Ugh. Tired of people. Again. Seriously. Why can't I just ... ugh :(
Goodnight.. again..
Back to bed I go. Hopefully people grow brains that they'll actually use.. while I sleep :D
Seriously. When I say I don't wanna talk to you and to leave me alone.. how is that confusing? :( makes sense to me
Users are always going to use! They're not going to change for no one.. not even *gasp* you.. why can't women realize this? Bah.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Now. I think I'm gonna sleep through this awesome storm :D
Advice- when trying to invite urself over don't piss the person off first ... and wonder why they don't want u over ...
Methinks it's time for bed. I'm tired :(
I don't appreciate it when my ghetto hoodrat neighbors are smoking so much pot I can smell it in the back yard! Good neighborhood my ass! Their kids probably have contact highs. All 12 of em.
Yay only 8 more days til Beastly is on DVD!
Watching teenwolf on mtv and relaxing.. its a fantabulous show :)
Shower time! Too bored and no one inviting me out on any hot dates so ;) lol
Yay home
Dear woman with 4 kids. Thanks for bringing them all especially when your baby daddy said he would have gladly watched them all at home. Bitch.
So I evidently had today and tomorrow off but didn't know. So they were happily surprised when I showed up (2 ppl had called in) lol.
So at like 6:20am a huge thunder clap woke me up and knocked out the power. I'm glad my clock auto resets itself and alarm :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

So sleepy. I may go to bed shortly.
Dear disgruntled black man. U WISH I were an ugly hoe coz that's all u can get & if I were one u'd actually have half a chance lol
Yay my favorite country group... the band perry... never heard this song before... "you lie" story of my life pretty sure
CMT now. This country singer Chris Young is kind of a hottie. And he's singing about loving me like there's no tomorrow. Sold!
And now I'm watching QVC. What a sad day for Miranda lol
Omfg I just realized I've been watching nascar for like 2 hours haha I'm so lame :/ please forgive me
I <3 icecream but I don't have any... anyone want to bring me some? Mmmm?
Stfu sirens! This is a safe neighborhood go fight real fires and crimes elsewhere lol...
I swear my dog's core temperature is 100+ degrees and she always wants to lay on me! Gtfo me dog it's hot in here lol
When minorities are openly racist it really makes me feel less "sad" when they whine about racism against them. Just saying. Don't be a damn hypocrite.
Dear fathers.. happy father's day.. this is your one notice.. my dad is dead so you can stfu about yours now kthx :)
You know it's hot in here when I'm looking forward to going to work to be in the cool central air lol.
Also for my roomie to say this is a safe neighborhood is BS. She's had her car broken in to & I've had mine messed w/several times
Seriously contemplating moving to a shittier place.. if it means I have more control over the temperature..
So glad it's once again 80 something in here and the central air is NOT on...
So everyone thinks I should run round naked at home wherever til my roomie decides to compromise and use the central air lol...
Dear roomie. Don't tell me I need to circulate air in my room and then turn my motha effing fan off while I'm gone. You effing moron!
Geezuz effing krist. Don't go to Le Boi.. or your car will get jacked! Fuck get a job and buy your own shit motha effin a-holes...

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Drunk people screaming random things outside. And playing country music. And someone just peed by the car :/
Why do people have such low esteem of themselves. C'mon people be proud and sexy or something and think good of yourself :)
I wish I had a picture of my dad to put as my facebook picture.
1,000 ways to die marathon w00 netflix :)
Who has their ac on so I can come over and be comfortable :) I'll bring my wine and you can drink it since I'm on call lol
omg my roomie thinks that because its 77 outside its 77 inside. Unfortunately its 84 inside.
Had fun earlier today with the Tommy. Then later with the wonderful Ashley.. and Stephy.. yayy :) until next time

Friday, June 17, 2011

Dear roomie 83 is not acceptable especially when it's 90 in my room (I have a thermostat there now) so cranking the ac betch!
Dear roomie 83 is not acceptable especially when it's 90 in my room (I have a thermostat there now) so cranking the ac betch!
Nap time. During the House marathon. So sleepy. Anyone needs to get ahold of me if it's important ya betta call :)
House marathon!
Nap time shhhhhh
Dear liars.. stop lying.. no one believes you especially not me..
So what's everyones plans for today? Anyone want to do something.. I'm bored and off :(
Upon scrolling through fb updates I realize. People are boring. Dear people, do cooler stuff and post about it so I can live vicariously through you :)
Dead Birds = lamest movie ever! What birds? What's the point? Don't waste your dollar!
I love my family but don't try to censor me because you'll fucking fail.
I'm an adult. I swear. My fb isn't public. It's private. Only people I add or I approve can see it. I do what I want :)
How now brown cow.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dislikes when someone makes plans with me then blows me off all day...
I just cleaned for over 2 hours! Did all my laundry and put it away. Vacuumed. Dusted. Washed the walls. Cleaned the cat pan. Cleaned the kitchen and basement stairs. Found my stolen wash clothes and marked my name on them. Took out all the trash and recycling. Yay me.
She claims it was only 68 yesterday...
Need to move! Roommate is a fucking moron. Bitching about one thing then bitching about the opposite. It's a lose/lose for me.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

And another pic too.. it's an apartment complex behind the medicaid building off Army Post in DSM
And another pic too.. it's an apartment complex behind the medicaid building off Army Post in DSM
And another..
And another..
Another shot of it...
Another shot of it...
Fire behind my house...
Fire behind my house...
I did vacuum out my car, filled the tank, did laundry, weeded my garden, and put on tiny clothes cuz its 80 in my house. Waited for my roomie to leave then cranked the central air since she turned it off.
I had all these aspirations to do things today.. and now I just feel tired and lazy..
So ready to go home... they are sucking my soul!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

No I didn't get charged but my roommate has 5 times now lol and still hasn't learned...
Note to self. Do not rent redbox movies and then not return them or depend on someone else to return them. Otherwise a month later you'll get charged 25$ per movie even tho the movies are only worth 5$ lol

Monday, June 13, 2011

Am I the only one that thinks she's saying "I'm a horny ninja" in that commercial? Lol
Now that angry birds is so popular.. I don't play it anymore haha..
Why can't I meet anyone that doesn't have storage spaces filled with baggage and issues? :(
Omg I want a pepperoni cheesy bites pizza! And for only 5$ I can get cherry pepsi and breadsticks. I can almost taste it. Too bad I'm broke :(
Omg crunch wrap supremes are only 99c at taco bell. This week only. I want them too! Damn u commercials.
So frustrated with ...
Such a boring crappy day out. And such boring people failing at entertaining me.
Watching "Growth" I'll let you know if its the high quality cheesy horror movie I expected :)
Its 12:49pm on a Monday. These mother effers should be at work. Not infringing on my driving!
Do people not have jobs anymore or what?
Did anyone else just hear that scary loud thunder? :(

Sunday, June 12, 2011

God wants you to love jesus more than anything in the world. Your mother father self and even money! moraloral adultswim
Getting so sleepy. Who's gonna tuck me in and read me bedtime stories? ;)
Tyona at Le Boi. Doing the same show she did at Pride. I miss Champagne :(
Tyona at Le Boi. Doing the same show she did at Pride. I miss Champagne :(
Another from today :) so innocent...
Another from today :) so innocent...
Another pic from today
Another pic from today
Me earlier today ;) that face haha
Me earlier today ;) that face haha
I just friggin inhaled those Applebee's leftovers! Steak broccoli and mashed potatoes. I don't even recall tasting em! Lol
Had fun with my bestest BFF Stephy. And the ever lovely Ashley :) Saw Kelly Tommy Rachel Jason Haleigh and a few co-workers.. eek! But good times :)
Furthermore. Why do people have to be so hateful & argumentive on such a happy prideful weekend? Grow up. Move on. Get a life. Get a piece and don't take it out on me if you can't and/or don't. Mmmmk
Andddd don't tell me I don't ever go to a place when I'm there twice a week you damn moron. If I were a gay dude with my tiny little pee pee in my tighty whiteys you'd notice me! Derrrrrrrrr.
Also bartenders. Don't argue with me about what I'm charged for what and how much my drinks are. I KNOW. Idiots.
I bitch therefore I can. And such. Don't bitch to me about me bitching. That's hypocrisy. And dumb.
Everyday I'm shuffeling...
This is a sure thing. Like the end of a Mexican wedding :)
Dear Club 2000. You blow and not the way dudes like it.
Dear Des Moines PD. No one likes you. Still.
Dear old bitch bartending at Le Boi.. stfu.. and don't argue with this young person.. mmmk thnx..
Oscar and his 23 loads of laundry!
I'm not real sure Le Boi should be playing porn before 9pm when kids are here.
Way to be anti-gay Club 2000. Pieces of shit!
Party rockin in the house tonight.. everybody just have a good time..
I have to pee :(
So I got called a chink? Lol
Parades weeee!
Sometimes I think they ain't used to someone being smarter than they are...
If you live with your parents don't talk to me...
You can lie. I'm smarter than that. I act like I believe you. But I don't.
You tell someone that someone else is giving you a ride home then you get mad when they leave? MORON.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

If anyone is gonna be at the pride parade and stuffs tomorrow let me know. I'll be there! :)
Ames lights piss me the hell off!
If you know a person that everyone refers to as crazy. Even yourself. Please refer them to seek counseling or therapy and meds. So they'll stop bothering the rest of us. You know who I'm talking about. Thanks.

Friday, June 10, 2011

And why are guys always surprised when girls don't like each other? Lol!
Why do guys think it's a good idea to invite you to something with them.. to see a girl they flirt with? Doesn't sound like a good idea to me.. sounds rude!
I kind of feel like when someone invites you out at a particular time they should be on time. Because other people might want to hang out who would actually be on time.
So when someone says you're meeting to go out at 8pm and it's 8:30pm and they're just still dawdeling along.. what does that mean?
I's bored. Entertain me
Had an interesting evening. Never a dull moment at Rich's lol ghetto living at it's finest :)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Nothing like driving home in the hail. I'd feel worse but there was no damage. And a motorcyclist was caught in it too :(
Yea! No sleep for the wicked ha.
Shower time...
Fucking hail!
I gotta be up in 4 hours and 10 minutes. I should sleep eh?
Also "Alice in Murderland" cheesy C movie. Shittier than a B movie! Says rated R 18 only but idk why. No nudity, drugs, sex, or violence. Just shitty acting and costumes. I wanna be the queen of hearts for Halloween! W00t.
Also saw "Rite" with Anthony Hopkins. Decent movie. Should have been scarier but still better than a lot of exorcism movies.
Saw... "Just Go With It" with Adam Sandler & Jennifer Aniston. Cute movie. Slow start.
Had a good nite watching movies with Sherri but it's way past my bedtime. I sleepy now...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Its either for the 7:30 or the 9:45 showing. Your choice! Lol
I won 6 tickets to see Chad Daniels this Friday night if anyone wants em I won't be going. Let me know and I will save em for you!
Yay I will make it through pay day thanks to doing some cleaning :)
PS. If anyone has told you things about me (good or bad) feel free to let me know :) I can handle it. And also if its good you should definitely share coz I love positive feedback hehe. GOODNITE darlings.
Sleepy time. Excited for training tomorrow :)
PS. If you want to talk to any of my exes, feel free. Because if I want to talk to yours I WILL. Last I knew it was illegal to OWN people in the states ;)
And! I used to bake cakes for people for their birthdays. I sound awesome if you ask me. I'm just honest and sometimes girls cry when I talk to them. Such is life.
I also recall going off on 3 rude valley girls for being rude meanies to my bff Steph at the bar one night.
I might be a "bitch" but I'm not a bad friend. I recall leaving in my PJs in the wee hours to give someone a ride so the cops didn't take em to jail *cough*

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

So anyone willing to pay me to clean their house or walk their dog? Lol I wanna make some $$ for Pride weekend
We can fill the internet with even more cats!
Dear black person with uhaul moving to or from Ames. Probably should go more than 55 mph if the speed limit is 70 mph... jus sayin
I fail at planning ahead :( I need more money for Pride this weekend dammit :(
Damn. I'm going to have zero money for pride :(
I'd rather be an honest hard worker than a lazy ass kiss.
Ouch hot car! And its only 101 out :)
Mental Health First Aid USA Training. Day one. Bored. But maybe I've learned something. I hope there's a test ;)
Damn it feels good to be a gangsta ;)

Monday, June 6, 2011

Falling asleep.. bleh.. goodnight..
My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they're like...
Hurry up and be over Robot Chicken. I want to watch Family Guy or American Dad.
So glad I'm having mac n cheese and sour cream n cheese chips for dinner since no one wanted to take me or go with me. Yay for awesomeness!
I love my Family Guy but I really dislike it when its all Star Wars ones :( might have to put in a DVD
Guys are weird. And I do not understand them :(
Hungry! Who wants to take me out to eat? ;)
Super excited to check my car and see if the handle is glued, there's weeds in the lock gas cap, or its keyed more. Women should really tone it down and stop hating me coz I'm awesome :)
Boo. I woke up 45 minutes before I had to be up :(

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Foster the People - Pumped up Kicks... my new fav song
Goodnight peeps. Gotta work early. Had a great time off. Had a good weekend and a great day as well :) until tomorrow... nite nite
My dinner earlier. A delicious steak medium cooked (I prefer it more rare) and some yellow squash.  Mmmm
My dinner earlier. A delicious steak medium cooked (I prefer it more rare) and some yellow squash. Mmmm
Tela, myself, and Jessica from 6/4/11
Tela, myself, and Jessica from 6/4/11
One of me from 6/4/11
One of me from 6/4/11
Me getting ready to give my fav queen Yasmine a dolla dollar :) 6/4/11
Me getting ready to give my fav queen Yasmine a dolla dollar :) 6/4/11
Me giving this fabulous queen a dolla dolla ;) 6/4/11
Me giving this fabulous queen a dolla dolla ;) 6/4/11
Rawr one of the fabulous queens from the Garden 6/4/11
Rawr one of the fabulous queens from the Garden 6/4/11
Another of me & Sherri :)
Another of me & Sherri :)
Me & Sherri 6/4/11
Me & Sherri 6/4/11
Me and Jason 6/5/11
Me and Jason 6/5/11
I don't wanna watch "single ladies" on vh1 sorry. And stop being mad at the 'other woman' remember it takes TWO!
2011 mtv movie awards. Live from lady gaga's bedroom :)
Never heard of MIO before but it looks like a delicious zero calorie drink!
The 3rd Transformers will NOT be the best. The 1st was the best. And w/o Megan Fox the 3rd movie will be crap!
I don't care about the exclusive Harry Potter clip. I want to see the Breaking Dawn trailer :) teamtwilight killbieber
What do the winners of ABDC get? They look 12. Are they really dancing in any videos or opening for anyone other than Bieber?
How can Lil Mama judge best dance crew? Her best song is "my lip gloss be poppin" lmfao and she's like what 14?
There's this song running through my head I want to effing download it goes something like la la la all the other kids with their blah blah blah and la blah blah. Anyone know it? Lol
Where's my cuddy buddy? Not here coz I'm alone :( nite ya'll
Grrrr when guys are mean to my lady friends it really makes me grrr mad....
When ppl screw with my car.. I take it as a compliment.. they focus their spare time on me :) so intimidated by me :)
When ppl screw with my car.. I take it as a compliment.. they focus their spare time on me :) so intimidated by me :)
Me, Sherri, Jessica :)
Me, Sherri, Jessica :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Oh forgot to mention a jealous skank keyed my car today. Yep gotta love jealous skanks. Alarm system here I come!
And some women are fucking JEALOUs and insecure.
Some women are fucking DUMB.
Me, Tela, and Jessica :)
Me, Tela, and Jessica :)
Seaweed salad from Sakari. Best effing salad ever. Looks gross but oh man its delicious!
Seaweed salad from Sakari. Best effing salad ever. Looks gross but oh man its delicious!
Firecracker from Sakari. Delicious :)
Firecracker from Sakari. Delicious :)
Mike's Hard Mango Punch. Thanks to Melissa & Amanda. Mmm delicious with my leftovers :)
Oh my goodness! Some of my plants are actually growing. I'm so excited! I can't wait to eat them :)
I kind of want to go tanning. Who thinks its a good idea?
There was this one time.. at cheer camp..
Don't tell anyone but I'm watching a cheerleading movie on mtv and I kind of like it. Lol
What a boring day. Someone entertain me :)
It's too early. Back to bed I go!

Friday, June 3, 2011

What kind of idiot turns the air off when its 96 degrees outside? Seriously!
When my cat is panting you know its too hot. Roomie needs to leave the central air alone.
When my cat is panting you know its too hot. Roomie needs to leave the central air alone.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

I hate that she won't turn the air on. I hate that my 3g barely works. I hate that she never does the dishes. And there's ants!
Anyone know of any cheap places in Des Moines or Ames that are available to rent? I would like to move to not have a roomie.
Let the fueding over the central air commence. Glad the roomie works overnight on the days I'm home. Coz I'm cranking that bitch!
Let the fueding over the central air commence. Glad the roomie works overnight on the days I'm home. Coz I'm cranking that bitch!
Dear roommate. God invented central air for a reason.
It is hot in here. I had the a/c on and my roomie shut it off!
I go back to sleep now.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Meow now brown cow
Saki bombs!
Definitely recommend a walk around Grays Lake and a trip to the beach. Too nice of a day to not.
Don't hate me coz I'm beautiful. Hate me coz ur boyfriend agrees :)
So I think a nice new phone would please me :) I may wait until July tho so I can charge it to my account lol.
Getting yet another replacement. And probably going to look at phones today too because I'm eligible for an early upgrade.
Woke up talked to my favorite sister for a while :) Made an appointment for tomorrow and now going back to sleepysleep land :)
Alright. I'm finally sleepy. So I think I'm going to get some well earned Zzzzzzssss :)
Yay King of the Hill. Damn I wish my blanket would be dry. I'm kind of cold here.
I also want to check out the hair and hair care product store my roomie told me about. Maybe I can find some extensions :)
Yay twitter acne spam! Haha
Maybe I will even whiten my teeth when I go to tan. I've never tried that. I wonder if it works? Hmmm.
So I've decided I am going to make a list of things I need to do that will help me be a happier me. Starting with tanning :)
Aqua Teen Hunger Force es muy bueno :)
My biggest issue with people hurting my feelings isn't the hurt feelings. It's the acne I will have from it :(
If anyone is still up feel free to text or message or whatever. I will be up for a while :)
Got off work at 12:30 & went to Walmart now home watching some Family Guy chatting w/Sherri. I wish this headache would go away.