Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Ever Wonder?

Who this woman is (me) that happens to be following you, yet has barely anything on her fabulous blog?

Well if you want to know why I follow you, it's because I am staff on a super awesome list where I share templates & tutorials.  Of course I always give credit where credit is due & link to the site as long as I know where the site is (which is always, in the case of tutorials) and leave the designers watermarks on their templates & such.  So if you ever want me to share any of your tutorials or templates just leave me a note here & I will most certainly share them!

The site I'm talking about is Xtinaz Goodiez and their ad is below!

• xtinaz goodiez
Are you lookin for a place to just sit back &rack up on the goods?
I'm talkin just the PSP goods .. nothin else!
Don't wanna worry about DNDs & making required sends?
Open what you want, delete what you don't.
If you can't use it to create in PSP, then it won't be on this list.
Mail will only be from myself & XG staff.
Some *AC* materials (not a lot) will be sent so you must be 18+ to join.
If you like how this sounds, then
Send Me a Disclaimer for XG •

If you are a tagger or you write tutorials this is a great resource list.  There are always the latest & newest FTU items here. And when those holidays get nearer you can bet they're gonna have that too!

So I thought I'd just give you a little FYI as to why I'm following so many GREAT & AWESOME sites.  Oh and since I also create tags, I use FTU scrap kits & templates to make them. I rarely use tutorials but I have been thinking about writing some :o)  Especially because I see some places if you write tutorials you can get PTU scrap kits for free just for using their kits...  And I think that is awesome right there!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Still waiting on my knitting supplies tho

Yea I won everything you need to knit your own replica of Lafayette's blanket from TrueBlood.  But I haven't gotten that yet, I'm sure it's on the way and I'll have it in no time.  But until then I am going through knitting withdrawals.  Lol.  I don't even know how to knit, but I plan on learning now :o)


Also received my TrueBlood stuff

Yep.  I received my TrueBlood stuff.  I was excited.  I drank both bottles of TrueBlood since, and well I can't say it's something I care to drink again.  It tastes like Fresca, with a coppery overtone.  And there's enough caffeine in there to keep you going for a few hours! lol.  But yea.  And the T-shirts were mens sizes, and I'm not a man!  I'm a woman, I wear smalls, not mediums.  So they are now pajamas.  Except the tank top, it had a stain on it, and I haven't been able to get it out so it's pretty much worthless right about now with it's orange stain.  I have no idea what the stain is from but it was like that when I opened the box.  That made me sad.

Also I already had the book I received, the first book of the Sookie Stackhouse series, so I will probably try to sell it.  And I dunno what to do with the glasses because they're nice but I use big glasses so I don't have to run to the kitchen 40 times a day.  lol.


Received my iPod Nano

Oh yea!  I received my iPod Nano 16gig finally. It's orange and it's just the greatest ever.
Some nay sayers said "Oh you'll never get it" or "Oh it's probably last years model"

Well shut up you nay sayers!  Its the NEW ONE!  It has the camera so I can take videos of stuff!  And I can listen to Am/Fm radio and even pause it if I want to.  So boo to you nay sayers, bask in the glow of my orange iPod Nano with 16 gigs of space!  That's all the music I could ever want to listen to.


Update - Tutorials & Templates

Just thought I'd post.

If you come here because you're interested in tutorials or templates. Check out the sites I'm following as they are mainly tutorials & templates :o)  And I am very picky!